The summer of 2013 began a little moist but blossomed into great weather from the end of July onward. Sure there were a couple of 90° days, but overall the weather was quite pleasant indeed in beautiful Southern Ontario.

All but perfect weather days however do pose a problem for cruises that support various charities and health institutions. Fortunately Cruise Nationals helps out as we support our 10 Regional Cruises with a $500.00 cash sponsorship to help offset any weather challenges as well as any expenses incurred in hosting our Cruise Nationals car show competitions in July.Cruise Nationals Plate

We are now looking forward to the opening of the 2014 Canadian International AutoShow and the exhibit attractions that have made it an automotive enthusiast’s destination for over 40 years.

As 2014 is the 10th Anniversary of Cruise Nationals, the “Finalists” exhibit location will be on the “Classic Concourse” at the east end of the 700 level of the South MTCC. At the west end and occupying room 718, our “History Room”; we will showcase many of the past Cruise Nationals Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist Grand Champions dating back to 2003/2004 as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations.

We are very fortunate that the very first Grand Champion vehicle will be on display for this very special feature.

Note the AutoShow dates February 14-23, 2014;

This exhibit will only happen once!

Our Season Finale was a memorable event and if you didn’t attend Autofest in Oshawa’s fabulous Lakeview Park, there is a complete report in the “Season Finale” section of this site.

So get out there before the snow flies and enjoy the road. Although the current spate of fuel costs continues to pose many challenges, once we get behind the wheel all is forgotten.

The goal is to enjoy the day and enjoy your ride!


For more information, please contact:
Jon Rosenthall
Cruise Nationals Supervisor
The Canadian International AutoShow,
Tel: 905-940-2800 Ext 412, Cell:416-659-5015, Fax 905-940-2804


Gary Challice,
Associate Cruise Nationals Supervisor